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Loose powder or compact powder??? Which do you prefer???
Let's talk powders. Listed below is a quick guide to help you choose which powder form will work best for you.

Pros and Cons about Loose Powder:

Contains less oil and absorbs excess oil from the skin and sets makeup
Offers light coverage
Creates an airbrushed finish
Great product for oily skin types
Finely milled and has a powdery texture
Prone to spilling and not travel-friendly
Comes in a jar or tub
Is best applied with a Kabuki Brush

Pros and Cons about Compact Powder

A heavy product that contains oils that helps to conceal blemishes
Offers light to full coverage
Creates a velvety finish
Great product for dry skin types
Comes in a solid block form
Easy to carry around while travelling
Available in a compact case packaging
Is best applied with a Powder Brush

Now that you know the difference, which one do you prefer? I prefer both. I may use a mix of the two depending on my client skin type and what kind of coverage they need.
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